Train trips and Zombie Hank Williams

I do I do I do I do I do believe in spooks.

Pretty pictures to make up for the whiney-complainy blog...

Culture shock: credit checks.

A box from home!

Exams and The Quest for the Best Nachos.

International Day of the Nacho.

Band Practice in Scotland.

Gargling with whisky.

Recipes that don't really require any measuring.

Mandatory funding for public media?

Sunday Afternoons are the Best.

Saturday: Markets and Masons.

I let two strange men in my apartment -- no big deal, right?

What I miss.

Dinner at the Balmoral ... mmmmmmm....

Restaurant Dreams Coming True.

Fasting and consuming all in the same day.

Arts and Crafts Day at School.


Baguettes, Cobblestones, and Chianti.

Dreaming in Centigrade

Reminiscing about Elvis.