Monday, September 26, 2011

Twiddling my thumbs + an Excellent new album + free download.

I'm going a bit mad here without a guitar. I left one with a friend back when I was on tour here last spring, but that friend is currently on tour on the Continent. My little accordion is keeping me company, but I don't have the urge to write while playing the accordion. Let's not even discuss the horrors of not having a piano. Instead, let's discuss happier things.

Peter Searcy has a new album out, and you should probably go buy a copy. It's called "Fire Escape Promise," and it's full of orchestrated pop-rock numbers that are still stuck in my head even though I only heard a few of the songs many months ago. It's not available on iTunes yet, so why don't you mosey down to your local record store and read the liner notes?

What else is going on musically? Not as much as should be. I'm thinking about attempting to record an album from abroad. Like through the magic of the internet, I could record my parts here and teleport them to my band back home. Maybe?

Also: just for fun, here's a free download of "Sunday Afternoon," my favorite song off of "West 28th Street." If you already own it, thank you thank you thank you. There is no bigger support of an indie-artist than buying her CD. Now if I could only get a new one out before you lose interest... but feel free to poke around my Bandcamp site for other free downloads and pay-what-you-wish pricing:)

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