Friday, August 19, 2011

Other great new Louisville Music

I know that only about half of you who read my blog actually live in Louisville, so I thought I'd share some more great local music by some good musicians who also happen to be good people.

Butch Rice and Danny Flanigan each have a new album out, and I was out of town for each of their CD Release Parties. Bad Brigid! Bad Brigid!

But, the best place to hear Butch's new CD, "Fall For Me," is
You can preview all the songs and the title track is free. How about that?

Danny's new CD
, "Hope is a Word," has been a long-time coming. I'm way glad it's finished because it's full of wonderful songs.

Of course, both CDs are available at earX-tacy record store, the best record store in the world. I am headed up there right now to re-stock my own CDs. Apparently, they've been out-of-stock for months. Sorry about that ... I didn't know.

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