Monday, August 29, 2011

Farewell Show Wrap-Up. Good times.

And just like that a week has flown by. I'm assuming, likewise, that the next 15 months will fly by. Right now, there are so many dreadful grownup details surrounding me, I thought I needed to stop and talk about music for a minute.

The Farewell show at the Monkey Wrench was beyond special. Thank you all so much for your obvious showing of love and support. Thank you also for believing me when I said the music would begin at 7:00pm. The first band had asked me repeatedly, "Should we hold the show? Surely, no one will be there at 7:00," and I assured them there would be a good crowd at 6:45.

When 7:00 rolled around and it was already standing-room-only, I grinned at the guitar player. He then actually asked again if we should probably hold the show 10-15 minutes. I'm pretty sure he thought I was a bossy crazy-woman when I said, "Why? It's a packed house. It's 7:01, and I'm gonna start singing whether there is a band behind me or not." I swear, I said it with a sincere smile -- I'm happy to play solo for a while -- but that show started on time, dammit.

Then I'm pretty sure I didn't leave the stage for the next five hours, jumping from band to band and guest to guest and instrument to instrument. There are some videos floating around, which I'd love to share once I get my hands on them. (If you took any, please share them!)

All in all, it reminded me of all the talent in this town. It reminded me that we are all better when we work together. Solo artist or not, musicians should shed their egos and sing a duet. It makes everyone smile, whether you're George & Tammy or Brigid & Larry.

Here's hoping I can find a George Jones somewhere in Scotland.

Thanks to my amazing musician friends for stopping by for a song on Friday. I missed Scott Lankford (who was already booked by the time I asked him about the show), but Andy Brown did a great job on drums. Cheers also to: Peter Searcy, Steve Cooley, Dan Canon, Larry Raley, Shannon Lawson, Adam Loewy, Leigh Ann Yost, Alex Wright, Katy Krekel, Adrea LaRoche, Dave Chandler, WFPK, LEO, WHAS,, and all the other wonderful people who love music and love Louisville. Of course I'll be back soon.

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