Monday, June 6, 2011

Kitchen, I missed you most of all.

Whenever I get home from a long trip, I have one overwhelming desire: to cook. Weeks on the road mean weeks of rich, delicious, restaurant meals. I'm not complaining at all, but after a while, you start to crave a simple bowl of vegetables.

After weeks of Scottish breakfasts, baked potatoes loaded with butter and various toppings, steak fries, risottos, creamy pastas, afternoon snacks of brie and baguettes, and deep-fried fill-in-the-blanks, all I wanted was a piece of fruit. Thankfully, FWT knows me well, and he went to the Farmer's Market before picking me up from the airport, leaving our kitchen is stocked with fresh ingredients.

The first night, FWT cooked fresh vegetables with homemade pasta (yes, flour, eggs, and a pasta machine). Last night I made a tomato sauce with fresh herbs, although I had to use canned tomatoes not being tomato-season just yet. This morning, it was a farm egg with fresh dill from the garden. I thought I'd make a spring vegetable soup today, but instead it's Matzoh Ball soup. FWT isn't feeling well today, so that seemed like a better choice.

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to meal planning this week. I also know my eyes are not only bigger than my stomach, but bigger than our refrigerator. It's so tempting to buy everything at the grocery store.

What's your favorite vegetarian recipe for this time of year? Soup? Casserole? Great veggie-burger recipe? I'm itchin' to cook, so bring it on, friends.

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