Monday, August 23, 2010

Who's buying the Ostrich Eggs?

I'm borderline-obsessive about shopping locally, but I am a sucker for Whole Foods. The Whole Foods in downtown Austin might as well be Wonka-land for an organic-loving vegetarian like me, and despite the lack of chocolate rivers, the bulk aisle at our local Whole Foods makes me giddy with possibilities. I adore Amazing Grace and Rainbow Blossom, and I shop there as often as I can, but there's something about the size (not to mention that I could make a lunch out of the free samples) of Whole Foods that makes me happy.

My mom and I stopped by this weekend. While we were gawking at the beautiful display of chopped vegetables and fruit medleys (seriously, did they hire a Barney's window display artist to stock that aisle?), we noticed some fun bouncy balls across the way, next to the mushrooms and eggs.

"Mom, look at that! What are those???"

"I don't know, but we should go explore and find out," she immediately replied.

And that's when we saw the sign: Ostrich Eggs $19.99

Seriously. I mean, I know ostrich eggs exist, and I know that, from time to time, people eat them. But isn't that restricted to fancy Napa restaurants or reality TV shows on the Food network? It seems completely bizarre that my local health food store would stock many -- oh there were not just a few -- ostrich eggs.

I picked one up and was surprised by it's heft, particularly the thickness of the shell. I even shook it a little and contemplated spinning it on the floor, you know, that old hard-boiled-or-not test. But I put it back, figuring I wouldn't want to purchase a shaken-up ostrich egg (do they explode like a soda?), so I shouldn't shake someone else's.

What's troubling me now is: there must be some demand for ostrich eggs, or Whole Foods wouldn't stock it. And there must be a big demand to stock as many as they have. But who are you people?

I know I have a few thousand blog readers, and most of you are in the Louisville area. So I think the odds are pretty good that at least one of you is an ostrich-egg-buyer. Who who who who?? And what are you doing with it? How often do you buy them? How many do you buy? Private message me if you wish to remain anonymous, but I really must know...

And now for a few PSAs:

You should vote for my awesome attorney and good friend Tara Mooney Aaron, who has organized a fantastic panel for this year's SXSW in Austin. She's super-smart and super-clever, and I think she'd be a brilliant addition to the festival. Plus, having her there would make me want to attend SXSW even more, thus giving me another opportunity to go to Austin Whole Foods Wonkaland. Click here to vote for her.

You should also vote in the 2010 LEO Reader's Choice Awards, and maybe vote for me if you want for singer-songwriter and/or blog. I hate asking for stuff like that. It feels like student council. So I take it back (kind of), just vote because you are enfranchised, but vote for whomever you want. You can vote once a day.

If anyone's interested in buying a sweet Volvo 240, my former roommate is selling hers on Craigslist and moving to NYC. Another blog entirely about that one ... she is awesome.

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