Thursday, August 19, 2010

Funny article and pop-culture reference. Exciting!

So I love reading my local weekly papers, mainstream, alternative, and whatever else. It keeps me in the social loop, especially since I've been hibernating during this recession economy. Yes, that's why you haven't seen me popping in and out of open mics, and on and off stage at my favorite people's weekly gigs. This week's LEO had me laughing out loud multiple times, so I thought I'd share a column with you. To those awesome non-Louisvillians who read my blog, the column I'm sharing is universal, so go ahead and click away.

Jim Welp's column almost always makes me laugh out loud, but this week's column I found especially funny and even a bit touching. (Yes, I'm a sensitive artist.)

I first laughed at the references to a lawn made up of eggplants and lemongrass, but was completely blown away when there was a reference to my music.

Read away, friends ... it's worth it. And order Jim's book while you're at it. He's a most excellent writer.

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