Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What are they trying to sell you?

A lot of people complain about targeted advertising on various social media sites, but I kind of enjoy it. It's better than all those spam "buy viagra" emails. I mean, clearly those spammers could have taken a bit more time to learn about their target demographic (not me). Sure, it's creepy how much they know about me, but it makes me laugh.

This morning on Facebook, they are trying to sell me a Masonic Ring and a Landon Donovan poster (I want both). Also, they suggest I contact some of the 30-year-old single men they know, which I suppose is better than them trying to hook me up with 30-year-old married men. The genius advertisers also think I might like to become a fan of Lagavulin (which, in truth, I am, but not officially because I feel some bizarre loyalty to Laphroaig). Toying with my emotional susceptibility to grad school, Facebook is intimating that I might try an online Masters in Music from Boston University, which I suppose would be slightly more impressive than the University of Phoenix.

But they are also offering me a coupon to Bob Evans, which might be the least vegetarian-friendly restaurant in town. Why do I find this so annoying? I mean, I want to let them know their little spider-robots are working somewhat improperly, and they should maybe start reading my blog to target my ads a little bit better.

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