Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New addictions and good cheese.

Two things happened to me in the UK that often happen when I go on the road. First, I got hooked on caffeine again. It was the British hospitality; I couldn't refuse a nice spot o' tea. I'm paying for it now, as I have had headaches the past two days. It's time to wean myself off it again because I just can't stand being reliant on something like that.

The second thing is that I started eating cheese regularly. My tummy and joints don't like dairy, but I looooooove cheese. I eat it in moderation back home, a few times a month, but never in large doses. In the UK, however, it's tricky to find non-dairy and non-meat foods. I ate a lot of fried potatoes while I was there, but I also -- and this was mostly because of the strict budget I was on -- bought a baguette and some cheese pretty much daily. It was much cheaper, and, more importantly, the FANCY cheese was much cheaper.

I give you this photo of a wedge of French Brie -- deliciously creamy and unbelievable on a baguette with a slice of apple -- for £0.77. That's about one dollar, folks. Can you blame me for buying that daily? I priced the same amount of Brie at Kroger yesterday for about $10.00. I guess that's just another reason to buy local. France is a lot closer to England than to Kentucky.

Time to wean myself from the Brie.

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