Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blogs I read ... what about you?

I spent the weekend in Lubbock, Texas, where I did very little besides re-heat pie and attempt to learn how to play Bridge. I didn't have my laptop with me, and it seemed inappropriate to sneak away to blog. But after a few "where are you, Brigid?" messages, I thought I owed you one.

Just in case this happens again, -- I happen to be singing in The Bahamas this weekend (rough life, ain't it?) -- here are some of the blogs that I read regularly. Look to them for some entertainment if I'm not providing it for you.

OysterEvangelist.com and

Both are charming blogs by Joy Manning, who is a Food Writer (Philadelphia Magazine) and author of the cookbook Almost Meatless. I haven't seen Joy in ten years (we were at NYU at the same time), but I was thrilled to find her on these glorious interwebs. Her blogs are always entertaining, and she's a great writer. The photos on her new site, The Oyster Evangelist, are stunning, and the recipes are awesome. Although, admittedly, I've only ever tried the vegetarian ones.

Right Sister Roscoe
One of my favorite people in the world is an ol' Lakeside pal, Chris. He's currently finishing up his third year of US law school, but is studying this last year in ... get this ... Montpellier, France. He writes about various things like law and being an American in France. I prefer the latter, but I read it all.

Lauren Titus at Velocity
This is a blog I wish would be updated more often. I love reading Lauren's rants and raves, even though she sounds dysfunctional most of the time. In real life, she's not so wacky. She's wicked-smart and a most excellent writer.

Erin Keane at Velocity
Another clever lady over at Velocity. She seems to know more about pop culture than anyone I know and always has a witty opinion to offer her readers. Erin makes me laugh, and she posts fun videos. Plus she's always going on or planning an adventure. I like reading about them.

What other blogs do you read? I'm curious ... and looking for more feeds in my Google Reader.

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  1. Thanks for shouting out my blogs, Brigid! Other than yours I read mostly food blogs. I do read this one, about going through your late 20s with knee injuries:


    I will definitely check out some of your favorites here and check back to see what blogs your other readers like. Because even I know there is more to life than food!