Monday, September 14, 2009

Americana Conference ... you can hear my band on Wednesday.

So yesterday you learned that I love going to galas, and today I'm confessing that I also love going to music conferences. For the past several years, I've gone to loads of conferences ... the Radio Non-Commventions in Louisville and Philadelphia, the Triple-A Radio Conference in Boulder, South by Southwest, and my favorite: The Americana Music Association's Conference in Nashville.

What's funny is that my first year going to those conferences, I traveled there as a quasi-Radio Promoter for Label X. Most other conference-goers (DJs and Radio Promoters and Publicists and Attorneys) never even really knew I was a musician. Through all these multi-day events, I've met a load of friends from all over the country. (Hi, friends from around the country!) We've seen some of the best musicians in the most intimate settings, and we've attended some of the craziest late-night waffle parties. Once or twice I was known to jump on stage and play accordion with whatever band was there, but for the most part, my radio and label friends knew me as the ubiquitous redhead-in-braids.

Guess what, music industry friends? It turns out, I am a MUSICIAN too! Yep, and for those of you attending the Americana Conference in Nashville this week, I'm absolutely ready to hang out and show you the ways of fine bourbon and where not to hang out in Nashville.

But I invite you to our first hanging-out stop: The Basement in Nashville on Wednesday night from 8:00-8:45. I'm playing my OWN showcase at the AMA Conference this year! No, I'm not on a label. No, I'm not independently wealthy. Someone at the AMA just liked my music, and when I applied for a showcase, they offered one. Cool! I'm also bringing down my full band, and I plan on having a rollicking good-time of a show, completely with accordions, and musical saws, and maybe even some yodeling.

So come down, hang out, and let me entertain you. I'm kind of glad I'm playing on the opening night of the conference. Once my showcase is over, I'm just another conference-goer ... up for anything and ready to hear some music. See you Wednesday!

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