Sunday, June 7, 2009

Review (6.7)

Apparently, it is June already. I keep thinking it's mid-May and being surprised by that. But the Belmont is over, and it's hot and humid in Kentucky. I did not win the Pick 4, thus I am not in Argentina. I'd like to say that I'm writing this review poolside, but Lakeside still doens't have WiFi. If they did, I'd be writing blogs and songs there all summer long.

As for a review .... thanks for not being angry with you for misleading you about Friend-who-Cooks-Pancakes being the same person as Friend-With-A-Smart-Car and Friend-who-lives-close-to-the-bar. I promise you he is different from Friend-with-a-Truck, however. Sorry for the deception.

Troy -- I would love to play Western Mass. Where should I play? a college? A festival? Talk to me. I've seen Amy LaVere a few times. I think my accordion could take her bass.

Mia -- I think Friend-who-cooks-pancakes likes you. He's been bugging me to play Vegas just so we can hang out with you.

Bluegrassrom -- That sounds like a great song title: "Fried Freckles." Nicely done.

Wayne -- My new game is to assume that everyone I don't recognize is an Australian Tourist. Sorry for all the Vegemite Hate last week. I still haven't opened the tube though. Is there a vegemite cookbook? We could combine it with Cookingforengineers.

Erin -- That Applebee's IS a puzzle. I'm thinking about going in and talking to the staff. Maybe I'll write about it ... investigative reporting for LEO or something.

Joy -- I had a dream about that peanut sauce last night. And I still can't believe that I got the tofu to taste like Thai Take-out Tofu. I got your cookbook, by the way .... awesome. And one more day to go on the Not-Eating-Out quest. This has been so so so difficult. Especially on a weekend. But I've eaten well, and I don't have any leftovers in the fridge. Although, I don't have much of anything in the fridge now ...

Trees -- Let me know how it goes for you. You are so right about meals being meant to eat with friends. I wish I could find some way to organize it or rotate meal preparation duties. Maybe that'll be my new quest. I totally know what you mean about planning meals, then being too tired to bother with it when the Pad Thai Take-out down the street only costs $6.

Cheerio, folks.

By the way, is anyone out there in Paris? If so, I'm thinking about visiting you in a few weeks.


  1. I can hear the Fried Freckles song sung to the tune of John Prine's Dear Abbey.........

    Also, there are a million venues in Cleveland,Ohio should you ever decide to organize a tour here. It's on your way to MA.
    Just sayin'.


  2. Friend-who-cooks-pancakes is super cute from what I could tell from the Smart Car video footage. I'm single now, and I like pancakes. If you two are ever planning to come to Vegas, let me know. I don't know when I'll be Louisville again, as my one connection to there just dumped me last week. It would probably not be appropriate to crash at his parents house there right now ;)