Sunday, May 31, 2009

Review (5.31)

It's been a while since a solid Sunday Review. I told my guest bloggers they would have to respond to their comments and messages separately, but I think I may be responsible for them. It's a tough life.

Thanks for following me to Blogspot, and thanks to my new readers. To those of you unfamiliar with the Sunday Review, it's just a nice way to sum up and respond to comments and messages. It also reminds me that another week has flown by without having accomplished all on my To Do List. hmpf.

I posted that Craiglist Missed Connection, but no word from Miss English Engaged. Oh well.

If I miss your comment, I'm sorry. I'm sorting through comments on Facebook, MySpace, and Blogspot ...hard to streamline. But here goes:

Joy - I'm thrilled to know you're reading! I was beginning to think the Blogspot move wasn't such a good one, but I think you're in the majority here. Most people don't read MySpace blogs. By the way, I'm stoked to now be reading your blog. Whenever I get up to Philly, we should find a nice coffeeshop and blog side-by-side.

Shari - I have not tried that pen, but I'm in favor of anything that doesn't aggravate my wrist. Thanks. And also, it's about time I headed to Indy for a show. The radio's been good to me there.

Left in the Woods -- Yep, No Bleed Through. It's awesome. Powerful, yet concise.

Chuck -- What's your book about? I'm mostly just writing songs. Although I laugh at my adventures and wonder if I'll write a book someday.

Bard - How do you know it was me who did the something bad?

Jim -- thanks for that link ... tempting tempting!!

Daniel -- Good thinking. Although, if you go straight to you get ALL the missed connections, no separating by M-for-W or W-for-W. More entertaining that way.

Mia -- Let me know if you find any good Missed Connections out in Vegas. I bet they're pretty good.

Marty -- I hope you don't disappear from commentland just because I'm not on Myspace? Please? please? I'm still around MySpace, just not blogging there so often....

Jonathan -- Delete away, my friend.

Paul - That is awesome about the Signature Room. What a night that was. We meandered to Navy Pier afterwards and rode the Ferris Wheel. I was giddy on wine, food, and good company.

Thanks, everyone, for enduring guest blogs. I promise to bring you only worthwhile guest blogs. These weekend blogs are killing me. I'm glad it was review day. I think I'm still hungover from Friday.

I promise some good blogs this week though. I'm off to a hootenanny, so that's got to lead to some good stories.


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  1. Please do come up to Indy for a show, I'll make sure to tell everyone I know about it if you do. And look for those pens in one of the impulse-buy bins at the checkout at Staples :)

    Also, I love that the blog now shows up in my rss reader, but don't like that I have to click through to comment. But I had to click through to read the myspace blog regardless, so I still like this way better :)