Friday, May 29, 2009

A good pen and a clean notebook.

Okay, I have to admit I feel a little disconnected from my faithful blog-readers now that I've moved to Blogspot. I haven't figured out how to look at my page views yet, and MySpace was very good about telling me exactly how many people (It never told me who they were; don't fret if you don't want me to know you're reading me...) had viewed my blog. I'm assuming you're all still reading it. At least I know Mia and Trees are. Maybe I'll just have to write something scandalous to solocit mass amounts of comments. Don't get me wrong, I'd write something whether anyone read it or not. But I think maybe it's Rock Star Syndrome that makes me enjoy an audience.

I've been writing lately. Not as much as I had previously. I hibernated this winter and spent time with good friends. The past few weeks, however, I remembered an old favorite trick to get me to write: new ink pens.

I know I'm not alone here. There is something extremely satisfying about opening a new pack of pens and dating the first entry in a leather-bound journal.

Last week, I went to Staples and bought a pack of Uni-Ball Vision Needle (fine point) black pens. They have been good to me. Other favorites of mine include the classic Pilot Precise V7 Needle Rollerball and a recent discovery, the Sharpie Pen (no bleed-through!).

Sometimes I write the most inane things, but it always feels like I'm writing the Great American Novel when I've got a new pen.

Playing tonight at the Monkey Wrench. Maybe I'll write out some new lyrics with my new pens and sing you some new songs.


  1. Hi, Brigid! I can't speak for your longtime readers, but I've never read a blog on My Space. With this new space though, and my RSS, You can count me as a new reader--and probably not the only one. I agree 100 percent about the pens, though I actually love the cheapie blue Bics. They are my favorite to write with.

  2. My favorite pen right now is the Pentel Energel 0.7 - writes so smoothly it doesn't aggravate my wrist, and comes in pretty colors (when I discovered it, I worked a job that required me to write everything in red ink, the purple ink pen is just a bonus). I love the feel of a good pen on good paper, I wish I could afford the nicer notebooks!

    I also wish I could come down the road to see you play tonight, but alas.