Sunday, February 1, 2009

Still no heat, but all's well in my world.

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I still have no power at my house.

When the power was out for eight days in September, it was actually a beautiful week. The sun didn't set until 7:30, and the neighbors hosted many a Scrabble tournament and hootenanny in their front yards. The weather was a perfect 72degrees, and everyone was in a good mood.

Losing your power in January when it's 20-30 degrees outside is not quite as pleasant, but it has been maybe even more fun. Since last Tuesday, I have slept in five different houses, moving before overstaying my welcome. I left my bag of organic carrots at Erin's house. I left my Ben & Jerry's at Peter's studio. I'm sure I've left many a long-red-hair on various floors and couches and guest beds. Sorry, folks, I tend to shed.

Things I've learned this week:
1. Plastic grocery bags (I absolutely detest them and am a canvas-bag shopper) are perfect to wear around your cowboy boots to make them waterproof. I'm currently sporting Target bags. I can step in all kinds of piles of snirt.
2. Snirt is a word I'd forgotten about. You know, when the snow stops being all pretty and gets mixed in with the dirt. When I was a kid, I thought I'd invented that word.
3. It's great to have a friend with a truck. My car was buried under an ice tree, and I had to haul my equipment (keyboard, guitar, accordion, cables, saws, etc) to a show last night. Thanks, friend-with-a-truck. I had no idea how fun it is to drive through snow in a truck.
4. There is nothing better than music and friends to keep your spirits high when your house is 30 degrees. I know I sound like a Hallmark card, but seriously, I have had so much fun this week running around like a hobo. I danced to Johnny Berry, danced to the Muckrakers, wrote songs with one of my awesome friend Shannon, played a show with my other awesome friend Peter, roved around town, and laughed harder than I have in ages.
5. I think I secretly like power outages. It reminds me of being on the road. A different bed every night and good good music all day long.

thanks, Charles, for letting me use your internet.


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