A little about my dad.

Seriously, being a vegetarian is not unusual.

Road trips, coyotes, and more inventions.

Has anyone seen my sweet tooth?

Less jogging, more cookies.

What do you do for Christmas?

Accessorizing is not my thing.

Blogging woes. Songwriting v. Blogwriting.

Older blogs ... imported

My band makes me laugh.

Wrestling with consumerism and feeling American.

Single person food.

Art, money, tortured thoughts, and tours.

Bahamas Gig.

Bahamas Day One

Cute Film at Village 8 tonight.

Travels, Festivals, Films, Presents, Gigs.

Blogs I read ... what about you?

Can you get tired from doing nothing?

Bank tellers are awesome.

insomnia, Gift Guides, and my Chanumas party.

Graffiti in two dungeons.

The Evil Ka.

Free LEGAL downloads from Earx-tacy.

We are living in the future.

Thanksgiving deliciousness.

Focus, Schmocus.

Louisville's Own Lilith Fair, but better. Sunday @ Jim Porter's.

My Own HGTV Show.

Clarification on y'day's blog. Advice to young artists.

When in a Depression: Create and be with friends.

Grownup Student Council. But really cool.

To My Parents: Do not read this.

You're welcome, Yankees fans.

More baseball?

My favorite place.

A funny story of yore and some namedropping.

Painter's Elbow and why you should support local businesses.


Another irreverent thought.

Ice storm babies.

It feels like Scotland outside.

Weird ... a baseball blog from Brigid?

My new job.

Blogs you may have missed plus my utility bill.

I love my job.

Another theory on Snuggies.