Clubhouse, social skills, Passover

Our backyard has been oh-so-pleasant!

Remember socialization? I don't! This weekend I had a backyard Passover dinner with a handful of friends who are fully vaccinated, and we practiced talking -- outside and distanced. I was terrible at interacting. They were like swans to water, in my eyes, but when they got home, each of them texted to apologize for their inability to socialize properly. I think we are all feeling somewhat feral at this point.

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But it was wonderful practice for a return to chats at the merch table and banter from stage!

Today I'm practicing again, but this time on Clubhouse. It's a social medium that is still in beta and could easily be a bigger time-suck than facebook. BUT it's a bit easier to curate your Clubhouse experience. THe app is far from perfect, and right now it's only available on iPhones or iPads. But so far it reminds me of panels at conferences. 

You can pop in and out of "rooms" where speakers are discussing a topic. It's all live -- like a live podcast -- which is both cool and problematic (hello, no editing & a lot of rooms are hosted by people who are not used to moderating). I have popped into rooms while I'm on a walk or emptying the dishwasher and learned something here and there.

At 4P Eastern (9p GMT) today I'm on a panel of speakers discussing one of my favorite topics: whiskey.

I've long been an ambassador of Kentucky bourbon and Scotch whisky. Despite my public branding as a singer-songwriter-type, a lot of my gigs have historically been playing + leading private whiskey tastings. I miss playing those (hello, book me!) and can't wait to get back to sharing songs, stories, and sips.™

As for tonight, I'm going to practice SOCIALIZATION and SPEAKING IN PUBLIC with several other whiskey experts as we discuss "Sensorial Experience in Whisky." I am stoked for the conversation, as I always love hearing from aficionados and enjoy having the opportunity to participate too. It also has given me the impetus to finish one of the books I'm working on. Whee! Things are looking up.

I don't have any more Clubhouse invitations, but if you're one of the lucky few who is on there already, drop into our room at 4p. 

Other than that, my anesthesia brainfog is still thick, but I am starting to see holes in the clouds -- holes where I cam grab time to write a blog or even a chapter. Thanks for hanging with me during the traumatic chaos that has been my last few years.

Love one another!


Been reading this blog for years? Maybe it's time to tip or join Patreon or buy some merch... click here for ideas on how to support!