Surgery is very tiring.

Watercolor Iris. From a Let'sMakeArt tutorial.

Surgery is no joke, friends.
I was feeling better this morning, and I've stopped taking the pain pills. (The pain is the same with or without them.) Because everyone was driving me crazy, which happens when I don't get a sufficient amount of alone time, I decided to go for a drive and deliver some art I promised to people. I made five art deliveries around the city and took photos of four homes for house-portrait-commissions. I had two more to go, but they were a bit farther afield than my energy could manage. 

Driving around for an hour was depleting, apparently, and I'm now in bed, clutching my mastectomy pillow and with the electric mattress pad cranked on high. Being a sloth comes with guilt: guilt that I'm not playing with my kids, mostly, but also guilt that David is, yet again, doing 100% of the household chores. I've done a good job of collecting dishes by my bed, but I'm not strong enough to carry them downstairs. Last week I dropped a bunch of oats all over the floor. Dishes aren't as easy clean-up.

I forget that surgery, to your body, is basically the equivalent of being attacked by a saber-toothed tiger, biologically-speaking. My cells have no idea that the surgery was planned. They instead are totally stressing out and having to rebuild tissue and also recuperate from the strange medicines. I'm meant to be lying in my cave, having my hunter-gatherer family bring me water and nuts and perhaps some mammoth-flesh if it's a good week. 

Instead I'm sipping decaf Earl Grey and eating Dutch Caramel Apple Pie that a wonderful friend delivered yesterday. It's better than a cave, I think.

My body is exhausted, but my brain is on overload. I have so many projects I want to do. I want to get a real re-start on my memoir (which I'm having to re-write in light of my own cancer diagnosis. It was originally a memoir about being The Sandwich Generation, taking care of two parents with cancer while trying to find fun and joy in the little things. Still working on a tagline, friends, but are you a literary agent? I have one interested, but then again that was a year ago...). I want to finish this instrumental album. I want to finish a music video for "18 Months Later" -- my new single that isn't out yet, but you can hear it here if you are a Patron even at the lowest tier - $10/year! I want to make new paintings. I want to write a romance novel. I want to be the best homeschool mom on the planet. I want to draw with my new markers that you all bought me because you are SIMPLY THE BEST. I want to record new music.

More than anything I want to perform for people. I miss a crowd so much. I miss the back and forth, the heckling, the laughs, the response, just everything. 

Back to art though. I'm running a special for Patrons who are at the $20/month level, where I will draw a house portrait for you to thank you for your support. I do have a listing just up on my website where people are ready to straight-up buy a portrait rather than joining Patreon... but really I'd prefer you join Patreon where my music community is:) On Patreon you can also just pay for a year at one time with a discount of 15% and that turns out is $204/annually, which is the cost of a home portrait anyway, so support an artist and get a cool perk!

Okay, enough about Patreon. I've gotta shut up about that already. Anyone reading this is likely already a member there, and I love you eternally. 

Thank you all for the love, for the art supplies, for the books for my boys, and for the pies. My family is so very grateful.

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