Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Euro drops and it actually helps me!

The first time I traveled extensively abroad was September 2008. I remember sitting in the Louisville airport watching the breaking news of the financial crisis. The dollar plummeted, and England was ridiculously expensive. Then, of course, the day I returned home, and it was time to change my money back into dollars, what do you think happened? The pound plummeted.

I do not have good luck with exchange rates. When I'm earning pounds, the dollar always seems to be strong. And when I'm vacationing, the dollar is weak. Back home I always seem to run into British tourists who could ostensibly buy my city with their spare change. No matter how much Americans like to think the dollar is the all-powerful and strong currency, it most definitely is not.

Today, however, I believe my luck has changed. I come to you from the Amsterdam airport, where I'm watching CNN. Today's newsflash? The Euro has dropped significantly. And according to his MBA-mind, the country won't have time to adjust for inflation until after our holiday.

I'm pretty sure that means an extra bowl of noodles a day. Also, it means that Mercury is finally out of retrograde.

Off to Italy for the holidays. Again, if anyone knows the Pope, let me know. We always prefer meeting up with a local when we travel. We'll also be in Florence and Venice, should you have a long lost relative we need to hang out with.

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1 comment:

  1. have a great time-hope the pope is hospitable-the old one was definitely entertaining.
    let me know when you are back so you can tell me how it was for you!