Househunters International Part Two

The Truth About Scotland.

Clothes cost how much??!

You keep your eggs where???

Twiddling my thumbs + an Excellent new album + free download.

Free Olde Stuff, Beaches, and Bus Rides.

Starting Over in the Kitchen ... and need recipes!

Dancing? I should stick with piano.

Waiting, Americans, the Internet, and health care.

My Little Cabin Home ... in Edinburgh?

Sundays in Stockbridge

Mobiles, the 1980s, and ships in the night.

Floatariums and Chocolate Massages.

Must remember: Novel characters are not my neighbors.

A brief rant followed by a piece of good news.

On memory.

Househunters International starring ... us!

Flats and Hills.

Homes, friends, and black currant jam.

Adventures in Scotland

Travel Time Warp.

Pretty Packing vs. Efficient Packing.