Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UK Tour: Day 7 - Castle Day!

This morning DC and I awoke at the Portree Independent Hostel, where I tried my best to be as obnoxiously loud as the French kids across the hall were while I was trying to sleep last night. Our days off aren't so glamorous because we don't have income on those days. Hence, we were rocking the hostel rather than the hotel. It was clean and brightly painted, and they provided free tea and coffee. DC hit himself repeatedly in the forehead after I downed the tea he prepared for me before he remembered that I act insane when I've had caffeine. He was then overjoyed when I made a proclamation: May 25 is heretofore known as "Castle Day."

I know, I know, you're probably shaking your head in awe at the fact that Dan and I happened to be in SCOTLAND on the ISLE OF SKYE on Castle Day 2011. Don't be jealous though. We could only handle two castles, but they were both about 7's on the Brigid Castle Scale (similar to the Richter Scale).

First, we hit Dunvegan Castle, which isn't a haven for vegans as you are probably imagining. It was a proper Scotland castle with gorgeously well-maintained gardens surrounding it. I wish the weather hadn't been so, um, wet, because I adore frolicking through gardens and waking up the faeries. The dungeon was perfectly creepy, and Dan got some good photos of me being mortally wounded by a broadsword.

After Dunvegan, we headed southeast, leaving Skye via the Skye Bridge and trying our luck at Eilean Donan once more. If you recall, it was closed on our trip up here due to "adverse weather conditions," i.e. 100mph winds on a castle that lets you meander around the balconies that overlook the sea. It was open today, however, and we had a lovely time climbing ancient spiral staircases and admiring broadswords. Also, this castle is particularly familiar because it's been in so many films -- from "Highlander" to "Made of Honor." It was quite a site though, nestled on a wee island connected to the mainland by a bridge, with views that truly did make me gasp.

Castle Day 2011 was a great success. If you've missed it, don't worry, May 25, 2012, will be bigger and better.

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