Greate people AND great places.

Indie Record stores and Baked Potatoes.

UK Tour update.

Whisky, Islay, Laphroaig specifically

Islay, Scotland.

Dragons, motorcyles, castles, oh my.

UK Tour: Yew hedges, Earls, and black cider.

UK tour: luggage, dulcimers, tourism

Good gig, now to Wales.

Manchester, flying, friends.

UK tour begins today ...

An a-political political blog.

Homegrown Lunch. Mmmmmm.

Packing superstar.

Bring back Intermission.

Merideth from Wicked is awesome.

What's going on this weekend.

Road food is a challenge.

Pianists with nails are like Chefs with no body fat.

Derby recap 2010.