Monday, March 19, 2018

Top 5 Google translations from the past week #aupair

My dad took wee Graham to see School of Rock!
This has nothing to do with the blog, but they are so cute.
GOOD MORNING! I'm having coffee and alone time -- alone time, in which I answer old emails and pour through the 9494 unread messages in one of my inboxes (proof in the photo -- I clearly have a lot of work to do). This week, for the first time in years, I have 35 hours a week of dependable childcare. I might even return a phone call, people (ha, doubtful, because WHO USES THE PHONE???).

Anyway, our lovely au pair arrived last weekend, and we have slowly been integrating her into our crazy family. We love her already. The boys adore her. The language barrier has not been much of a barrier because she is really smart and a really fast learner. Also: google translate app. We try not to use it because she wants to learn English, but it is really helpful for getting the exact right word for various things. It also keeps a list of things I have recently translated, which I will share with you in today's blog.

TOP FIVE favorite things we have had to translate to Portuguese:

"butter controversy"  (controvérsia sobre manteiga)  Used to discuss why we leave the butter dish out and how it is not necessarily a thing that all Americans do. But we do because butter should be soft!

"background music" (música de fundo) -- to explain how my Friday evening gig was not exactly a reason to get very excited (Wednesday she heard me on the radio, and Thursday I played a fun gig in Nashville, but Friday's, while fun, was background music)

"because kids could choke on toy inside" (porque as crianças poderiam sufocar no brinquedo dentro) to explain why proper KinderEggs are illegal in America.

"Graham can dress himself." (Graham pode se vestir.) Because Graham now thinks he has a personal dresser, like he's on Downton Abbey or something, and may be taking slight advantage of his new roommate.

"the vegan cupcakes are the reason to come here" (os cupcakes vegans são motivo para vir aqui) To explain why we drove all the way to Whole Foods when it's crazy-expensive and we normally just walk to Kroger.

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