Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How many pairs of pants does a 3-year-old actually need?

My 3-year-old has over 60 pairs of pants (re: trousers for my UK readers). These are all long pants, size 3T. I have not bought him a single pair, and for that I am forever grateful. Seriously, the hand-me-downs have been amazing, especially for people with massive graduate school debts and a hatred for shopping. But I have got to pair down and donate what's not needed ... because -- even though I hate laundry, and 60 pairs of pants could probably get us through the winter without a washing -- that many pants don't actually fit in his chest of drawers. Also, laundry isn't the worst household chore. (That would be: dishes.)

But, legitimate question, how many pairs of trousers does a 3-year-old boy need? Anyone have a system? Please comment and help! He's been potty-trained for over a year, so we don't need extra-just-in-case-pants. Help me out here, experts!

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  1. The need is limited by storage, but you already know that! I would say 15 pairs is more than adequate.


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