Friday, October 23, 2015

The best student-budget meal we had. And a free download.

In my Europe daydreams, I keep going back to our favorite student-budget meal. We did not live the life of luxury while we were there, but this meal still feels like the be-all-end-all of what-would-you-eat-if-you-had-a-million-dollars to me. It's probably because real (unpasteurized) camembert is both legal and incredibly inexpensive over there. And because we were so close to France, the cheap red wine is a quarter of the cost of American liquor stores.

A baguette,
a wheel of camembert,
broccoli florets and garlic cloves,
all roasted for 10 minutes
a bottle of red.

£5 for all.

So good. Considering how pricy cheese is here, this is not exactly student-friendly in Kentucky. But you know I'm in a daydreamy mood.

I may try to replicate that tonight, minus the unpasteurized cheese, of course.

Why can I not find a photo of this most delicious meal ever??? What, was I too busy enjoying my time and company and not stopping to Instagram it?! Fool. I'll hunt through my old iPhoto when I get home and update this if I find something. Check back? Instead, here is a picture of something dreamy: chocolatissimo from a cobblestoned sidewalk cafe. Because dreams do come true.

In the mean time, how about a wistful rainy-day-song? It's a little more serious than I like to share, but I do so love the combination of me on piano and Peter Searcy on cello. Free download if you like. Or it's on Spotify, if that's your thing.

And: what I've been reading: this week, it's Elvis Costello's memoir, which I am enjoying so very very much. I've actually been listening to the audiobook while walking from here to there, which is so very pleasant because I've spoken to him in person so many times, which is surreal still. Anyway, I recommend it. He is one of the smartest people I've ever met -- both in book knowledge and street smarts. His writing supports this.

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