Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday links: Birth TED talk, Vegetarians & protein, and GEOGUESSR!

Some links! Because ... FRIDAY.

Nicola Goodall's TEDx Talk: Reframing Birth. 
We had one of those posh things called a doula when we were in Scotland, even though the entire birthing process is a thousand times more humane than it is in America. Her name is Nicola, and she is brilliant. Here she is giving a TED talk that I just adore:

Just for fun, here she is chillaxing on the couch, quietly knitting a cap, while I'm in the birthing tub, you know, birthing and stuff:

But where do you get your protein?
In light of yesterday's blog about my vegetarian child, I actually get this question twice. It still annoys me, mostly because doesn't everyone know how to Google things? And so, if you ask me this, it seems like you are choosing not to Google and instead to poke and prod at my lifestyle choices ... but then my head tells me that's my defensiveness, which I am working on, talking and not necessarily the intent of my inquisitors. Anyway, Google away. I found this one right away, from Harvard. They know stuff at Harvard.   And another one. 

GeoGuessr - my favorite thing on the internet.

I spent a week this summer completely obsessed with this game. It somewhat satiates my travel needs, though when it shows me a castle in Scotland, I melt with longing. Seriously, this game shows you a Google street view of ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and you have to guess where it is by dropping the pin on the map. The closer you guess, the more points you get. I think my top score was, like, 13,000 or something this summer. It can be very tough, but it's fun to explore.

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