Friday, August 21, 2015

UK Tour Reflections: Whitby Abbey

 After being diligent about making a deliciously entertaining video blog the first day of our tour (remember me biting into a chip buttie?!?!?), I completely failed at documenting the rest of the tour. That is what happens when you are having a magically entertaining time riding around the country with a brilliant and talented woman, having mad adventures and driving/riding thousands of miles, all the while playing shows every night.

 As will happen with the ex-ex-pat, I have spent far too much time daydreaming about the country where I lived for that brief-but-fantastic period in my life. Today I was thinking about Whitby -- a gorgeous seaside town in Yorkshire on the east coast of England. I had driven through Whitby several times on previous trips, but never had a change to stop and appreciate its beauty.
 Today, enjoy several photos I took -- unedited and taken on my iPhone, so please be forgiving. Whitby, for literature lovers, might be familiar as the landing place of Dracula!
  We played a wonderful gig at the Whitby Pavilion (thanks, Jim!), slept like logs at the Whitby Backpackers and would love to go back with family in tow as soon as possible.

Note Whitby Abbey far in the background. We later climbed the steps
from the village to the top.

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