Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Old airplanes, vintage hair, and talented women.

On Sunday two of the most talented people I know and I did hair and makeup (well, the magical Carrie Chastian did my hair and makeup), played dress-up and did a photo shoot for several hours. Don't let anyone tell you modeling isn't work. But it's a lot of fun too.

They are promo shots for our new Andrews Sisters throwback band -- website and such to be revealed. We are already getting lots of booking inquiries (we are PERFECT for festivals or corporate events), and I'm super bummed we had to say no to a glamorous affair this weekend (I will be out of town).

Joe Mays of Alien Twilight Photography is a photographer extraordinaire, who also managed to get permission for us to shoot by this amazing old airplane that has been at Bowman Field at least since I was a kid. Its door may be held on with duct tape now, but Elizabeth Taylor has flown on it. That's legitimate enough for me. 

Here are some pics for your entertainment:
I think I'm gonna make this one a sepia headshot for signing photos when I use that time machine.

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  1. There's a whole lot of wonderful here... I think you should rock that vintage look on a regular basis. ;-) Great shoot!