Monday, May 4, 2015

Royal Baby thoughts - my NHS birthing suite and yes, Kate looks fab.

First off, let me acknowledge that I understand how absurd it is that I, a support of Scottish independence, am mildly obsessed with the Royal Family. I come to the Scottish Question as someone having lived in Edinburgh. I come to the Royal Family obsession as having grown up a girl in America who had a bizarre fascination with British history (I'm equally obsessed with Anne Boleyn as with Kate Middleton).

Anyway: Yay! A princess was born. Everyone on the internet is all upset that Kate looked beautiful so soon after the delivery. We all know she had a team of stylists come in and do her hair and makeup. The fact that her wedding ring still fit, well, some women just stay thin -- or maybe it's a larger-size mockup or she had the ring enlarged. Who knows, who cares, she's The Duchess!

People are also freaking out that she went home so soon after the birth. For a natural and simple delivery, there's nothing wrong with that. I lost a lot of blood, which was the only reason I stayed overnight. But still, the Wee Boy was born at noon, and I went home the next morning. Hospitals are icky, germy and not a place for newborns (unless medically necessary, obviously).

Also, can I just comment on how wonderful and grand it is for all of womankind that midwives attended Kate? Our bodies are amazing.

One article on ScaryMommy also claimed that "looks like she spent the day in a spa, and got a baby as a thank you gift." This made me laugh because, honestly, I don't think I've ever been in a spa that was as pleasant as the birthing suite where I had my little boy -- and my boy was born in an NHS Royal Infirmary, not a private wing of a hospital. 

Check out these photos of my birthing suite. If we were living properly in the future and had smellovision, you would be able to inhale the essential oils and understand how this room smelled like an Aveda spa. I'm not comparing birthing a baby to a day in the spa, just birthing a baby in a spa, I suppose. Look at that ginormous pool, the bean bags, the funny shaped foam pieces, the artwork, the kind doula knitting on the sofabed (yes, sofabed). Then imagine if this was my free NHS room, what does the Lindo wing look like??

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