Christmas commercials to make you cry.

Establishing a self-care routine while parenting and working from home. Impossible?

Ukuleles for preschoolers! And potential class in Louisville?

Candlelighting and free music and funny videos and stuff.

Road trips, Nashville with the Wee Boy, Free music, and an alligator.

Speaking to adults after baby.

How many pairs of pants does a 3-year-old actually need?

Confessions and random thoughts.

New video of The Birdies + cute picture of the Wee Boy.

Just a cute kid in a costume.

11 Time Management Tips for the Self-Employed

The best student-budget meal we had. And a free download.

A woman, alone, in a French cafe. (Daydreams of Paris - unending.)

Finally: the Chip and PIN in the US ... sort of.

Friday links: Birth TED talk, Vegetarians & protein, and GEOGUESSR!

What happens when you feed a vegetarian meat?

Wanderlust and ER visits are mutually exclusive.

Radio debut of the Birdies and other fun stuff.

Shout-out to others: Some Links I Love

And a Happy Birthday to the Wee Boy!

StitchFix Review #2 - summer tanks and a dress.

Nashville adventures, Americana Music Association conference 2015.

New TARC payment system rolling out [eventually] -- some thoughts.

Labor Day signature cocktail: Basil Gimlet Tonic

More ranting about mothers/artists and some upcoming gigs.