Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Pressure of New Year's Eve. And some live music events!

I don't like New Year's Eve. Too much pressure, amateur night, etc, etc, of course, but also because all it signifies is a 2-3 month stretch of dismal weather, dark nights, and cold. Awful, bone-tingling cold. Rosh Hashanah is a much better-placed New Year, when crisp school supplies are on sale and new school years begin. And, of course, as a musician, New Year's Eve has generally meant a looooooooong gig.
A snowman mocha for your viewing pleasure.

I haven't worked New Year's Eve in a few years, however, and I'm kind of loving it. Besides, midnight is a tough goal for the childed, especially the childed whose child is a bad sleeper. I am tempted to put on the Netflix anytime-you-choose countdown to midnight intended to fool children and just go to bed at 9pm myself.

I don't want to go to any of the fabulous concerts around town (though the lineups are very tempting). I'm much more interested in the New Year's Day brunch invites than the NYE cocktail parties. And yet ... I am going out this year. Not for a long while, as babysitters are hard to come by on NYE, but enough to put on some sequins and have a fancy cocktail with a wonderful friend whom I don't see often enough.

I think, however, I shall pretend that it is just a fun Wednesday, rather than a special event celebrating the turnover of the clocks. January is a depressing place.

FYI, I'm teaching three music classes this week: 
Wednesday, Dec 31: 10:30am at Mama's Hip
Friday, Jan 2: 10:30am at Mama's Hip
Saturday, Jan 3: 10:30am at Mama's Hip

They are all drop-in classes; no signup required. $10/family.

And if you want to hear me sing non-kid-music:
Wednesday, Jan 7: 7:00-9:00 at Great Flood Brewing Co (all ages, even kids, free, doors at 4p)

Friday, Jan 9: 8:00pm Brigid Kaelin Band plays at the New Vintage (the old Uncle Pleasant's) doors earlier, as my band starts at 8:00!  $10 or $5student tickets. Appalatin and Alex Wright are headlining.
My band is awesome and features: Peter Searcy, Steve Cooley, +Dan Canon , and Donnie Arbuckle.

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