Monday, December 1, 2014

Our Rose Apple Pie

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We didn't have any plans, and then all of a sudden we were invited to my uncle's house. It was a super low-key holiday, and I loved it. My husband was even home for 10 days in a row, which is fantastic, since we are that annoying type of couple who prefers to be completely attached and together all the time. (Seriously, he's the only person who never gets sick of me. Besides the Wee Boy, who prefers to be on my lap at all times.)

Business first: Louisvillians, get out your iphones now and ask Siri to remind you to go to Great Flood Brewing Company (by the Douglass Loop) this Wednesday around 6:30. I'm singing there from 7-9 with my good friends Dan Canon and Steve Cooley. It's also doubling as my annual Chrismakkuh party, where I make cookies. Cookies and craft beer and Cooley and Canon and Kaelin ... sounds alliteratively delicious, yes? See you there. It's all-ages, and it's free.

Cooking second: LOOK AT THIS APPLE PIE THAT DAVID AND I MADE! Seriously, we were inspired by Pinterest, but ended up doing a combination of a few designs we saw on the internet.


1. Make pie crust. (Google a recipe).
2. Slice apples thinly, leaving the peels on them. Red apples will suggest a red rose, so using a variety of pinks to reds could be very cool.
3. Toss them in apple pie spices and a little lemon juice.
4. Arrange them like the first picture, but go around and around and around.
5. Use super-thin slices for the center.
6. My first layer was too short, so I added a second layer, less carefully, supplementing the "petals" with extra apple slices.
6. Bake at 350 for an hour.

It's beautiful. It tastes delicious. But, you know, I think I prefer apple pies that have a top layer of crust on them. The rose design is impressive, but it's hard to cut slices of it.

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