Thursday, November 20, 2014

The worst thing about self-employment.

I've been sick this week. It's not been a debilitating illness though. To be honest, I've felt pretty good all week. The unfortunate part (for me, anyway) is that I've lost my voice. For a teacher and a singer, this is kind the worst. As a self-employed person, it is traumatic.

(Digression: Have I ever mentioned that in Scotland a self-employed mother gets paid maternity leave? As a self-employed woman in the US, I don't even get a paid sick day.)

So, yeah, this week has been killer on my income, as I've had to cancel over 20 music classes/lessons. 

Somebody set up a gofundme account, please! (Totally kidding totally kidding ... I'll be fine ... We don't need Christmas anyway ... KIDDING CHRISTMAS ISN'T CANCELED!)

I hate canceling lessons though, and not just because of the lost income. I feel like a weakling ... and like I'm not going to get invited to the Perfect Attendance Pizza Party. Harrumph.

Voice is coming back slowly, though, enough that I can teach this afternoon. I better be able to sing by tomorrow afternoon, though, because I'm up to shenanigans with Laura and Su. Check back to see what I'm talking about. 

Also: UK friends, please email me about setting up a show in your town for early March. I don't want anyone taking a taxi 300 miles in order to find me (looking at you Aneil!).

See? Things aren't so bad. I'll keep daydreaming of my upcoming business trip to the UK. Also, I just ran into @benkeeton and blabbed his ear off in my croaky hoarse voice. He always cheers me up. 

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