Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Party for the Self-Employed!

Last week I lamented about being sick while being self-employed. Today I shall whinge-first, then take action, regarding one more terrible plight of the solo entrepreneur: NO COMPANY CHRISTMAS PARTIES!

Of course, I of all people should be saying "Holiday" rather than Christmas, but "Company Christmas Party" just flows better. A few years back, I started throwing a little Christmakuh Party where I played music. It was super fun, so we are doing it again this year.

So, self-employed people of all ages, I invite you to the Self-Employed Holiday Party!

Wednesday, December 3
Great Flood Brewing Company
live music from me, @dancanon, and #stevecooley from 7p-9p

Of course, your company is responsible for buying drinks and snacks for its own employees. Sorry, my business is just Brigid Kaelin LLC, and that means hello-I-sing-and-write-for-a-living-aka-CASH-BAR! But the entertainment will be fierce and fun, and I shall bring cookies. You can bring your families.

Allow me to drift down memory lane to the three year period where I attended CBS company Christmas Parties. They never gave me health insurance, but they had open bar for a few hours once a year, which just meant that we young Assistant and Associate producers drank too much and then asked Mike Wallace to take group photos with us. He must have hated those parties. Ah, youth!


  1. I will try to make it to this! Sounds fun, and I STILL haven't seen you play! I'm a terrible old friend. Also, also, I still need accordion lessons, sooo.... ;-)