Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Music out! Like, from ME. And on iTunes and stuff too!

have new music out! Three people this morning have told me they heard a new song of mine on the radio, and I was, like, "What are you talking about?" 

I have been COMPLETELY remiss in informing you, my dear friends, that I DO have a new song out -- available on iTunes and on the radio and all that stuff like I used to do all the time.

SonaBlast records has just released Belle 100: Steamboat Songs, a collection of tunes from mostly Lousiville artists, in honor of the Belle of Louisville's 100th birthday. The Belle is the oldest steamboat still in operation up and down the rivers of America. She's a gorgeous boat, and surely has some great stories to tell.

My steamboat song, written specifically for this project, is called "On the Avalon" -- "Avalon" being one of the former names of the Belle of Louisville (she was also once called the Idlewild). It's a rollicking 1920s-esque tune that pays homage to the musicians who once played riverboat cruises all night long while people danced and drank their worries away. 

"Well, I'm a squeezebox player on the Avalon..." 

Accordionists will please pardon my use of the term "squeezebox" -- it's art, remember.

You can buy my song here:

Read more about the album here:

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