Monday, October 13, 2014

Maybe the best thing about cloth diapering...

I packed up the diapers last week. This is not a weepy post about my baby growing up; this is a post about laundry.

Loads of people told me cloth diapers would be a pain "because of all the laundry." I know it's different for everyone, but I honestly didn't find it to be much more laundry than pre-baby. I mean we had more laundry, obviously, because we have an entire other person living with us, but the diapers were rarely a nuisance. The nuisance was the fifth onesie of the day because the first four smelled like puke and poop. I usually ended up washing diapers with the wee boy's clothes, which I would obviously have to wash anyway, so it's not like it was actually tons of extra work. At least, that wasn't our experience with it.

But one wonderful thing about cloth diapers is that it helped me get into a routine with laundry.

I haven't washed a diaper in almost three weeks, since the wee boy potty-trained.

Ergo, I, um, haven't done laundry in three weeks. Yikes.

Now looking for ways to get organized and figure out the laundry room, schedule, etc, aside from going to Target to buy more underwear. I'm sure I could kill some time on Pinterest looking at photos of beautifully organized laundry rooms...

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