Thursday, October 23, 2014

Greetings from the recording studio! For realsies.

I am writing you from the recording studio. Amazing, no? It has been over six years since my last full-length album release. Sure, I've done some EPs here and there, but they've been import-only (how fancy does that sound?). It's a classic story -- fall in love, get married, travel the world, have baby, stop making art, etc.
Steve Cooley doing recording magic stuff.

It's an excuse, but it truly is still more difficult for a woman to return to work than a man. Hormones, breastfeeding, postpartum depression, sleep deprivation, hormones, hormones, hormones. And when you're not talking about a nine-to-five job, it's even trickier.

I wanted to come into the studio totally prepared, with 10-12 scratch tracks already laid down, ready for my drummer to just hammer it out. But, of course, the day when my elusive drummer is suddenly available, is a day when I'm ill-prepared. I've had six years to prepare, I suppose, so it's entirely my fault.

Anyway, this morning we arrived at 9am ready to go. And of course because of tardiness, missing drum mics, and general the-way-the-studio-goes, we didn't hit record until 11:45am.

But now it's 12:25, and we have two drum tracks down because Andy Brown is killin' it.

Now I just need to trim down the arsenal of songs I mostly like to a number that's reasonable to record in an afternoon.

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