Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend update and thoughts on Outlander.

Hope everyone had a grand weekend! We definitely did ... got the chance to celebrate our anniversary thanks to a kind neighbor and kind grandparents, who babysat Friday and Saturday nights. We had our first lazy, hedonistic dinner in a loooooooong time. Maybe the first since we went to The Kitchin in Leith when I was 8 months pregnant?

We followed a self-imposed no-cell-phone rule, so I didn't take any food photos this time. I did realize that it's impossible to follow the no-cell rule completely when you have a kid at home with a babysitter. My phone was in my purse next to me, and I looked at it every time I heard it vibrate. I guess what everyone said pre-kid was true: you'll never be able to truly relax again.

But it was still a lovely time.
Daddy reading to the wee boy.

Saturday was filled with playing-with-the-boy time. David had been out of town for work all week, so the two of them played and played and read stories. I taught the Saturday music class at Mama's Hip, and we went to the Farmers' Market at the Loop -- pretty much as bourgeoisie as you can get. It gets better though...

On Saturday night, we went to a MOVIE! I mean, I think I saw one since the Wee Boy was born, but I'm pretty sure I just slept through that one. The last movie I remember seeing in a cinema was Brave, again in Edinburgh. Speaking of Edinburgh movie theaters, why can't Louisville movie theaters have couches and ice cream? But I digress ...

We spent Sunday at the neighborhood  pool, which was perfectly pleasant and happy until some grouchy man who maybe was just having a really bad time in his life (I really should give the benefit of the doubt, right?) tried to pick a fight with me -- or shame me maybe? or I'm not really what his intent was, but it was really weird ... -- by getting upset with me that my kid was playing with his kid's toy and then acting like that was causing some other kid to cry when this dad took the toy away and put it back by his stuff, so no one else could play with it. Totally weird, and I was definitely taken aback (along with at least six other parents who witnessed the encounter and said this poor grumpy man was way out of line). I've been going to this pool for my entire life, and it's just common knowledge that toys in the kiddie pool are community until you need to go home. Or at least be nice about it if you don't want to share.

Now singing "Let it Go," to calm myself of residual anger for all the things I wanted to say to this grumposaurus, but didn't...

Ooooh ooh! Last night we watched Outlander from It's like anything when you've read the novels first. You have the characters in your head a certain way, and the actors are usually not in line with your imagination. Claire's hair wasn't curly enough (but I know Hollywood rules -- curly-haired women cannot have starring roles). Jamie wasn't tall enough. But Scotland was there in all its glory, and it's truly the scenery that's the star of this show. I don't know how this show will come off to people who haven't read the books, but I enjoyed it. I'm a sucker for time travel shows.

So that's our weekend catch-up. Less personal and more interesting blogs to come this week: a nice granola bar recipe, perhaps a guest blog by Colleen on cooking for houseguests, and I still have to tell you the story of the missing Red Accordion. Maybe this week.

In the mean time, we are preparing our house for an onslaught of houseguests coming in for the PGA. In-laws, friends, kids, it's going to be nuts.

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  1. I am SO glad you are an Outlander fan! JC was able to hook his computer to the TV in the fifthwheel and we watched it in the middle of nowhere! That's a good man! I agree with all your comments, and am totally hooked!
    Enjoy your company this week. I know at least some of them will enjoy yours!!
    Love to all of you guys!