Friday, August 1, 2014

The Wee Boy's first Diving Board jump!

I've had so many people asking for swim lesson tips that it occurred to me I should just make a little video series. I'll aim to do that before summer is up, I swear, but in the mean time, enjoy this photo of the Wee Boy jumping off the diving boards for the first time:

The Wee Boy jumping (22 months) with a little help from Grandma.
I wish I could just keep a running log of all the adorable things the Wee Boy has been doing and saying. Like this morning, I decided to make an effort and, like, wash my hair and put on a dress. Then he looks up at me and says, "Mommy! Your dress is beautiful." And then I melted a little bit, and he went on his merry way racing his bunny wheel and his popcorn wheel.

Yesterday was diving boards day at swim lessons, as you've no doubt figured out, and after jumping in, he kicked up to the top, pushed the hair out of his face, and said, "I wanna jump off the diving boards again, Mommy-O!" And, of course, he did.

"Thank you, Mommy-O. I love you." (Thank you comes out like "sank-you," but it's still adorable.)


  1. How fitting considering today the diving finals of the commonwealth games are taking place in his birthplace!