Monday, July 28, 2014

Adult back flips and Watermelon Fruit Monster ideas.

I've had so much fun the past two weekends, I don't even know where to begin. I have a whole blog in draft about Forecastle with a Toddler (I also see a pattern here with my zillion blogs-in-draft ... must find time to actually finish them), but today I'm going to write about all the festivities we had.

Friday was my birthday, as you can tell because my Klout score is pushing 70 (surely that qualifies me for a free suite in Vegas, right?) thanks to the gazillion Facebook posts from my wonderful friends wishing me "hbd." David took a vacation day, got up at 6 with the Wee Boy, while I slept till -- get this -- 7:30!! After a hedonistic day, David organized a small gathering of just a few friends that night just in time for us to go to Lakeside for the biannual Adult Twilight Swim.

It was a fun event that included cake, watermelong, and back flips. LOTS of back flips. I think we were the only crew of the evening to hit the diving boards, but I think the rest of the adult swimmers enjoyed watching us smack our bellies, make huge splashes, and slightly over-rotate on our flips. The high dive at 36 is a little higher than it was at 35, my friends. But I can still do a back flip and an inward off the 3.5-meter board, so TAKE THAT, AGE!!! Here's a friend of mine doing a gainer aka a reverse flip.

 In OTHER news, the baby shower went delightfully well. I was in charge of the food and games, while my co-host did the decorations and invitations and cake. It was a perfect balance because we all know I can't decorate or deal with details. I can, however, make watermelon fruit monsters*. Well, MAYBE I can. I don't know for sure because as soon as I was about to start carving, David steps in and goes all Michelangelo on the melon:

I already knew David was not only the handiest person on the planet, but also the craftiest (just watch him wrap a present sometime), so I don't know why I was so surprised by the result. I'd just shown him a few google images of watermelon monsters, and then he went to town. I have to say I'm most impressed by the pineapple top ponytail. I didn't see that on any of the Pinterest pages, so I'm gonna say that David invented it. The apple core ears/horns are pretty adorable too. I'm mostly impressed that he managed to make this little guy look completely cuddly and adorable, rather than disturbing and frightening. We also managed to finally make good use of the gorgeous big platter we got for our wedding, heretofore known as the "fruit monster platter."

Go ahead, friends, feel free to pin this baby on your "Fun foods that I'll never actually make" boards on Pinterest.

*The shower theme was Monsters. I always thought the theme of baby showers was, um, BABY, but apparently I was wrong.

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