Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Singing with Elvis again (again).

I thought long and hard about whether I was going to share this photo with the world. Believe it or not, I really don't just let it all hang out there on this ol' blog and social media sites. Most of the photos and memories I took last night, I am keeping to myself (sorry!), but this one just speaks volumes to how unbelievably cool this man is.

It's the third time I've shared the stage with him (twice in Louisville and once in Scotland), and it's the first time I asked for a photo with him. I hadn't wanted to bug him or seem too fan-girl. But this time I really wanted something to frame that wasn't a fuzzy shot of me with an accordion. Thanks to Jim James for taking the photo. (Like how I just name-dropped like that?)

Anyway, I always need a few days to decompress after playing a big show like that, especially when today is such a contrast: solo parenting to a 21-month-old. The tour bus rolled on, while I changed a diaper. Ah, the choices we make...

Here's a newspaper review of last night's show.

Here's a setlist.

Here are a few shots I collected from the interwebs:

Elvis Costello, Jim James, Brigid Kaelin.
Palace Theatre, June 17, 2014   photo by Laura Maguire Hoke
Elvis Costello and Brigid Kaelin
Palace Theatre, June 17, 2014. photo by Rick Redding.

And just because, here's a video from when I played with EC and the Imposters in Glasgow, Scotland, while I was seven months pregnant:

Thanks for reading my blog, for listening to my music, and for sticking with me on my far-too-long maternity leave from album-making. Time to finish that record and book those tours. (Europe March 2015 anyone?)

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