Friday, June 6, 2014

Petit dejeuner and daydreams and a little bit of Scotland.

Ah, travel. My favorite thing. I am spending my little one's naptime (he's a 30-minute napper usually, so today is a bizarre blessing) going through photos from our Paris/Edinburgh trip this spring. I had so many blogs to write, but I instead spent every waking moment meandering cobblestone streets and catching up with old friends. All the while, I took some photos.

Like this one, taken at the Patisserie Florentin, which sounds like it should be in Paris, but it's actually in Scotland.
Patisserie Florentin. Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland.

It's simple, really, but it's one of the things I miss most about Europe. The idea of a simple breakfast -- this one cost £4 -- with coffee, a tiny cup of orange juice, a proper croissant, and part of a baguette. Carb-o-licious, obviously, but you walk several miles a day when you're there, so it evens out. David and the wee boy like the "Swiss Breakfast," which subs a croissant for several slices of cheese and some yoghurt.

I wish some place in Louisville (walking distance from my house, please) would offer up a petit dejeuner just like this. Or even just a croissant that has the exact right mix of flaky and crunchy. Constantly on a quest...

What say you, Breadworks? Please? Just let me sit there with a little notebook, write some nonsense, while you deliver me something just like this, and I pay a little premium for it.

Petit dejeuner at Patisserie Florentin. Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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