Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Trading piano lessons for all the things I want. But mostly Adirondack chairs.

I am obsessed with the barter system. I think I first learned that term back when I was mastering "Oregon Trail." (Click the link if you want a nice flashback to elementary school ... if you were in grade school in the 1980s, that is.) It's been a while since I partook in the wild west way of doing things, but lately I've been trading a few swim/piano/guitar lessons here and there for some things I need or want (childcare, massage, website help etc). And don't worry, mother, I pay taxes on them at the appropriate rate, unlike probably everyone else who works on the barter system.

There is a Timebank here in Louisville that's a great idea -- anyone a member? Basically you rack up hours offering your skills and can then start collecting help other people in kind. The website has too complicated/long of a sign-up process for my taste, though, and I haven't gotten past the home page. (Maybe I could trade someone piano lessons for someone signing me up?)

Here's my list of current things I daydream about. Anyone want something I've got?
  • Adirondack chairs (seriously, I don't know why I'm so obsessed with Adirondack chairs)
  • Rain barrels
  • Refinish my hardwood floors
  • Plane tickets to Paris (hey, I have to dream, right??)
  • Art. I want to start owning original art.
  • private pilates lessons
That's all I can think of at the moment. My wants aren't too crazy ... but I shouldn't be too greedy. My lesson schedule is full with a wait-list at the moment anyway. But I might be able to find some more time in the day for some custom Adirondack chairs...


  1. Laura McGarity uses timebank a lot, if memory serves. What sort of custom Adirondacks were you looking for?

    1. Yes! I think she's the one who told me about it. You have to enter a credit card on the home page, and i never have my wallet by me ... lazy!
      I don't know what I want. I just see these awesome homemade ones at the farmers' market all the time and have been daydreaming about having my own. What do you know about them?

    2. I know nothing, but I like when I see them too. I figure there's good options in color and wood choice, and maybe some design options -- how steep is the back, how curved, and all that. :-) But I like little woodworking projects, and I have a nice woodworking studio that I almost never use, so I'll see if I can figure something out!

  2. I have art in the basement of the shop. Come see me. Have an Adirondack chair for free. It is rickety.

    1. Aaaaaaah! Seriously?!?! I would LOVE that. Rickety or not, I'm in. Thank you!!! Will borrow a car and cross the park:)