Monday, May 19, 2014

Come see me at kids' music classes sometime.

I'm playing a LOT of kids' shows and birthday parties and stuff lately. No actual Brigid Kaelin Band shows on the books until August 10, which is pretty nuts. In the mean time, why don't you come out and join me at at Family Music Jam sometime?

Tuesday May 20 at Mama's Hip
and again at

It's only $10/family (that means you can bring all your kiddos for the price of one), and it's a solid 40 minutes, sometimes more when the kiddos are dancing, of good fun.

Starting June 11, I'm adding a Wednesday class that will be at Notable Beginnings, 2309 Taylorsville Road. 

Good fun, right?

Come tomorrow and you might even get to hear the wee boy sing "Happy Birthday To You," which is apparently his favorite song, which he sings loudly and unprovoked to whosoever he chooses. I guess he's a good Kentucky boy after all.

I'm all out of whack from being up every 90 minutes with the boy the last few nights, so I'm going to stop writing now and have some caffeine before I start just rambling and happy birthday to you la la la and stuff.

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