Monday, May 5, 2014

Brigid on TV, making friends with The Wynns, and loving the library.


I'm in this video starting around 4:25.
I was on Great Day Live again this morning, which is always a good time. Even with everyone suffering from the post-Derby blues (yes, yes, the song is in the works), we managed lots of smiles and fun.

Because I haven't slept in well over two years, I have become terrible with adult interactions, complete sentences, and basic etiquette. Somehow I managed to introduce myself to Jason and Nikki Wynn, aka Gone With the Wynns. I'm new to The_Wynns, but liked them straight away. They are doers rather than talkers, and I'm always drawn to people like that. (Remember when David and I sold our stuff and moved to Scotland for a couple of years?) Also, Nikki is from West Texas, so David now wants to be her best friend. Basically, they sold all their stuff about four years ago, bought an RV, and just travel around. Fun, no? Well, I think it sounds dreamy, but then again, I like music tours and life on the road.

Anyway, check out their blog, and daydream a little with me, won't you?

Back to the lead ... why was I on TV anyway? It was a promo for the one unpaid gig I do each year -- a freebie for the Louisville Free Public Library, which is pretty much my favorite cause of all. Books are the best. The How To Festival #howtofestival is this Saturday, May 10, and I'm teaching "How to Yodel" at 11:00 in the Main Library alcove. Wear your dirndl! And stick around to learn how to belly dance, garden, and do all kinds of fun things.

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