Friday, April 18, 2014

Some ALMOST belly pics and tips on riding the bus in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I almost posted this fantastic "After" photo that David and I just took of us post-vacation. Except that we didn't post it because we didn't actually TAKE the photo. If we had, then you would have thought it was a pregnancy announcement from both me AND David. Our bellies have, um, grown a bit, to say the least.

When it was just me and the wee boy in Paris for a week, eating cheese, baguettes, crepes, and chocolates with pure gluttony, I actually LOST weight (or maybe my pants just stretched out a bit -- i don't know because i never actually weigh myself). Odd, I know, but when you walk ten miles a day, you can eat whatever you want.

Then we went to Scotland. 

To be fair, we walked quite a bit the first few days and cooked at our flat. Then we renewed our unlimited bus passes. We definitely still walked our fair share, as the nearest bus stop from our flat was almost half a mile, but we made a few too many pub and potato stops. 

It was totally worth it though. And just in time for sundress season. I don't understand why everyone always panics to lose weight before the summer. Mumu season is the best.

But, yeah, we are off the bread and cheese diet for a while. Thankfully you can't get good cheese in this country anyway.

Travel tip for Edinburgh:
If you're planning on going to Edinburgh for a week or longer, considering popping into a Lothian Bus Shop (27 Hanover Street just off Princes Street is the closest shop to downtown until the Waverley Bridge shop re-opens in a few months) and purchasing a Ridacard. It'll cost you £3 for the card, plus an additional £17 for one week of unlimited rides. Bring a valid student ID, and it'll only cost you £13 -- definitely worth it. Your Ridacard is also good for rides on the brand new trams (just don't mention to any of the locals that you like the trams. In fact, if you want to make friends at a pub, start complaining about the trams.) Another nice thing about the Ridacard is that then you have a little photo ID/souvenir of your trip that you'll be able to use again should you ever return.

If you don't want to buy your own Ridacard, you can still buy daily unlimited tickets for £3.50/day. Keep in mind those daytickets aren't good on the Airlink buses to the airport (that bus alone costs £4). If you need to return to the airport, you'll have to purchase a separate ticket.

Be sure to download the Lothian Buses App, which gives you real-time information on bus routes and locations (why can't every city put this kind of effort into their public transportation??). If you've got a data package with your international mobile, you can buy daytickets or single rides directly from your phone just before you hop on the bus -- no need to hunt for correct change. There is a £10 minimum purchase on these mobile tickets, however, so you'll need to buy several rides in advance for it to be worth it. Still, how cool is to look down at your phone, plan your route, see that the bus arrives in 3 minutes, and just show your screen to the driverto board the bus? I love 2014!

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