Monday, April 14, 2014

A new attempt at an old task.

It's Monday, the last real day of my holiday. Yes, it's been a loooong trip, but it's also been ridden with business meetings, performances, and research. Still, no complaints: I'd rather be WORKING in Scotland than NOT be in Scotland.

A few nights ago we all pulled an all-nighter. The wee boy had done surprisingly well on this trip so far, so we were overdue for a crazy night. You all know by now that a good night in our house is if the boy sleeps a 3-hour stretch. I'm just used to it by now, have learned how to manage, and I've stopped expecting him to magically sleep through the night. (Please don't offer a suggestion or tell me that at XX months, everything will get better. I have been ridden with false hope for 19 months now, and I'm tired of it.)

Anyway, a nice side effect of being up all night is that I got a lot of thinking done between the bursts of "mouth hurts!" and "dinosaurs swimming!" and "Mommy-o sleeping!! (Giggle giggle!)" I've decided I think I'm going back to the daily blogging over here. It's not a job, but it keeps me focused and provides an outlet. Allowing myself so many breaks from the blog has been bad for my creativity and productivity, the two main things that self-employed artists actually need.

I've got some random days on trains and planes this week, so this may not be my first full week back. But once this holiday is over -- yes, even during Derby festival -- I am back. Hit subscribe again, and check back often. I'm backlogged with stories to share with you. Join me!


  1. Wooooooooooo! I love your blog so more posting is awesome. :-) Can't wait to hear about your latest adventures!