Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My John Prine seats were better than yours.

In case you were wondering, why, yes, that was me in the front row of the John Prine concert on Saturday. I've had good seats before (my trick is always to buy a single ticket rather than a pair), and on a previous JP show, I was third row center with no one actually sitting in front of me. That was pretty good, but Saturday night's seats were just amazing. My mom bought the tickets, and she bought four of them together. I don't have any idea how they ended up being front row seats, but it was a wonderful show, as his usually are.

Interesting fact about me: Aside from the big Bluegrass Festivals in the early 1980s, my very first real concert was John Prine and Arlo Guthrie in 1986 at Memorial Auditorium. I got an orange tic tac stuck up my nose at that show and was old enough to be mortified and not tell my mother. (Luckily I sneezed it out a few hours later.) Anyway, I've seen JP more times than I've seen anyone else, and his shows never get old.

That's enough boasting today. I rarely ever have good seats at a concert, so I felt the need to brag. I know a lot of you always buy the VIP seats, so it's meaningless to you -- but it was pretty darn special to my family this weekend.

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