Friday, February 7, 2014

Travel plans to appease my wanderlust and some pretty pictures.

I'm going back to Scotland in April! How exciting is that? Well, I guess it's only exciting for me. But you know you're in a horrible winter funk when you are daydreaming of Scottish weather in this disgusting tundra that is Louisville. Scottish friends, stop hating your climate and start appreciating the mist and the mild temperatures. Louisvillians, let's start talking about moving somewhere else.

And yes ... the wee boy is coming with me to see his homeland.

In honor of this, I'm just going to post some disgustingly beautiful photographs of Scotland.

P.S. If Aneil in Wolverhampton is out there reading, let me know if there's a place to play near you. This is a pleasure trip, not business, and I'm only playing a couple of shows -- the Leith Folk Club on April 8 being the big one. I don't want you taking a taxi several hundred miles!


  1. I want to 'meet' you! I have a car and depending on how big your boy is a car seat as well!

  2. I have a car seat as well*

    ugh, I can English..

    1. Lol! Yes! We shall make it happen. I'm looking to try to stay a few weeks.

  3. What a great experience that you have. Have you tried corryvreckan boat trips too? It's pretty fun and exciting.