Friday, February 21, 2014

The wee boy's party tricks.

Just a little baby-boasting today because I'm trying to be thankful for all the awesome things my kid does, as opposed to being bitter that he STILL DOESN'T SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT. I know I'm probably supposed to be teaching my 17-month-old how to be a good person, but I am having a lot more fun teaching him trivia. He currently knows the capitals of Texas, Kentucky, and South and North Dakota.

I taught him the Dakotas so as to blow the minds of complete strangers. "Go ahead, think of the most random state you can and ask him the capital." They always choose a Dakota. We've got to work on the wee boy's enunciation, but you can tell he's saying Pierre or Bismarck.

He also knows the first President ("George") and the sixteenth President ("Lincoln"), as well as the dollar and five-dollar bills they go on.

Of course he knows his animal sounds and all that, but I prefer teaching the tiny human party tricks.

Enough boasting. I know, I know, your kid sleeps through the night. But does he know who Millard Fillmore is? I didn't think so!!!

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